Monday, January 5, 2015

Long Wind Farm: Vermont Organic Tomatoes

by Shawn Menard, Produce Manager

Just a few steps over the New Hampshire border in Thetford, Vermont lie the magnificent glass greenhouses of Long Wind Farm. Here, the growing season truly begins in early January, when most of us are still enjoying fresh snow on the ground and warm cups of tea.

Within the greenhouses, employees are busy planting thousands of tomato seedlings that have already been slowly growing in Emerald City, the farm’s largest greenhouse. All hands are on deck as the greenhouses see a rapid change in atmosphere. Rows upon rows of beautiful, glowing tomato seedlings fully grounded and by March will be producing fruit.

Once the tomatoes begin ripening, the greenhouses emit an intoxicating combination of aroma, color, and taste. The vibrant red can be seen from wall to wall. Nutrient-rich soil adds a wholesome smell to the air. And the taste, oh, the taste! If you’ve ever had a Long Wind tomato, you know that their taste is remarkable. Fruit and vegetables grown in a greenhouse often have a bad rapport due to the seemingly unnatural conditions that exist within the structure. However, it is here in the greenhouse that Long Wind Farm has been able to capture the very best conditions a tomato can thrive in.
Since 1984, founder David Chapman has been committed to growing the very best-tasting and healthiest organic tomatoes possible. He had always been struck by conflicting qualities he had seen in other greenhouse tomatoes. Fruit that looked spectacular was usually lacking is taste. Chapman knew that people were looking for both attractive and delicious tomatoes and he has become a master in growing such fruit.

Today Long Wind Farm is as committed as ever to growing organic tomatoes that taste amazing. Believe me, I eat these tomatoes throughout the growing season, and the flavor is never disappointing.

Along with paying close attention to the tomatoes, the farm also closely monitors its number-one resource, its employees. The farm invests a lot into its employees, knowing that people want to work hard and be happy. This is very evident to me each time we receive a delivery directly from a Long Wind Farm staff member. Our produce staff is kindly greeted with each delivery, and we enjoy seeing the Long Wind van pull into the parking lot each week.

Even though the seasons are rapidly changing your flavor palate, food cravings are still begging for fresh produce. Long Wind Farm’s “Good ‘n’ Ugly” variety is my favorite along with the smaller-sized “Vermatoes.” Also try the perfectly sized and wonderful-tasting Grade A’s. We hope you enjoy choosing Long Wind Farm tomatoes from our produce department every year from March through December.

Photos courtesy of Long Wind Farm. Learn more about Long Wind Farm at